“Beware, bloodsuckers: Miami-Dade County has a new weapon in its arsenal to combat the ever-growing hordes of mosquitoes responsible for spreading the Zika virus across South Florida.Beginning in August, the county began spraying lavender Fabuloso cleaning solution from airplanes in an effort to obliterate the local mosquito population once and for all.
Fabuloso, a flowery-smelling neon purple cleaning solution, is reputed by many area residents to cleanse any kind of malefactor present in a home, including bacteria, viruses, small insects, residue from gossipy visitors and evil spirits.
Miami-Dade County’s Mosquito Control Division spokeswoman Jessica Clark said Fabuloso is predicted to be the department’s most effective chemical yet.
“In our testing, as soon as the Fabuloso touched the mosquitoes, they immediately sizzled and melted into a tiny ball of insect guts and half-digested human blood,” Clark said. “We’re really excited about this.”
Eugenia Rodriguez, 82, of Miami’s West Flagler neighborhood, eagerly watched the sky as she awaited the latest spraying so she could wash her porch floor at no expense.
“I love all these new sprayings,” Rodriguez said as she eagerly held a wooden pole wrapped in an old towel. “My skin gets all tingly every time — from the excitement, I suppose.”’

Concrete cycle in Canton.

Concrete is the foundation. It is the thing in which we build our society. A big slab laid out on a level ground has endless possibilities. We could build a church. A hot dog stand. A housing complex. It is the blank canvas of the Architect. It could be a new bicycle path waiting for that first set of tires to hit it. We owe a lot to the first pioneers of this substance. And even now, new innovations are happening all the time! New formulas, stains, and stamps. I’m sure you, dear reader, are within a stone’s throw of some cement as you sit. Do we take these things for granted? Of course. What is out of site is out of mind after all. But it is always best to set your foundation right. Then you can build your life on top, and not worry about any issues for years to come.

Imagine, if you will, sitting on a beach. Playing in the sand, and contemplating what the shape of your sand castle is going to look like. Obviously you need to take into consideration the tools you have. Do you have a bucket? Something that you could pack the sand into to give it some sturdiness? Maybe that is how the first formulations of concrete were formed. Some pliable mind using different materials to pack in together to make a wonderful castle. And what the discovered surely changed the way humans lived. Here in Canton, where I live, the evidence is everywhere. Blocks, bricks, slabs, fountains, parking garages. All here today because of some intrepid young learner, who took a chance on a few different things found in nature.

My local contractor can help you, if you are in the area.